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Each product needs to be classified to determine its feasibility and import cost. With this service, our client receives from a sample or technical brochure, the tariff fraction that corresponds to it as well as all the tariff and non-tariff requirements that apply to that fraction.

Tariff classification is a process of assigning a numerical code created by the World Customs Organisation (WCO ) to goods. Its purpose is to identify the goods being imported and exported in order to determine taxes, duties and duties.

In Mexico, the Ley de los Impuestos Generales de Importación y Exportación (LIGIE) takes into account the tariff classification. Each product is identified with eight digits or specific numbers:


For each product, a detailed analysis is made of all direct and indirect costs that affect the price of the product from the moment it leaves the supplier to the moment it is delivered to the customer's warehouse. With this cost analysis, the company knows before importing how much things cost and can make decisions regarding its competitiveness in the market.

What are and how are import costs calculated in Mexico?

When importing any kind of products or goods, it is not enough to consider only how much each unit or each kilo the exporter sells us; we must also take into account what the total import costs will be once all the import fees and charges are added up. 

Each country has different natural, technological and human resources, allowing each region to produce certain types of goods more efficiently and in greater volume. For example, Mexico is one of the world's largest producers of avocados, and China is known for its supply of low-cost electronic components.

Importing goods, articles or food is a good idea when their production in another country is cheaper or more viable than in one's own country, and when there is a real demand for them. Imported products are very well received in established and developing economies, as is the case of the Mexican economy.


Formalities NOMs

Many of the products that are imported and
marketed need to be approved in terms of their safety and quality, based on a NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana).
For this purpose, procedures that require personnel
specialised in different areas such as electronics, electrical,
pneumatics, chemistry, etc. must be fulfilled. Our function is to integrate all the
documentary and technical requirements and to carry out the corresponding procedures before the different agencies, so that
our client receives the NOMs duly released, to
use them in their import processes, as long as the
product complies with the quality/safety standards evaluated by the laboratory. This service is particularly attractive for foreign companies that want to introduce their products to Mexico, since once the NOMs have been granted to their products, they can design their marketing plans with the certainty that they can be imported.

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One of the most requested logistics services at G.A.I. is warehouse management, including warehousing, personal effects and goods and even warehouse planning and reorganisation, which allows our customers to convert a large part of their fixed costs into variable costs.

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